Dry Food - Any dry food, preferably - Royal Canin Fit 32, Royal Canin Ageing 12+, Royal Canin Babycat, Hills Feline Chicken, Hills Feline Kitten.

Wet food Any pouches, tinned food: Checkers Choice, Pampers (not the cuts), Pilchards in Tomato sauce , Tuna and Mackerel (in the human tinned food section).

Frozen Food - Bluff Meat Supply Pets Mince, Chicken Livers, Chicken Pieces.

Flea Treatment - Revolution Large Cat or Advantage XL Dog (4ml can do 8 cats).

Cleaning Equipment All purpose cleaner, dish washing liquid, automatic washing powder, floor cleaner, Bleach , Jeye’s Fluid,  Odour Eliminators, toilet paper.

Primary drop off point:
Petwise Bluff
382 Tara Road
Tel: 031 467 7199

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