Toxic Milk Syndrome

A queen’s milk can be toxic to kittens. The cause is mostly acute septic mastitis, a breast infection or abscess. Acute uterine infection can also lead to the milk being toxic. Kitten formula that is not properly prepared or stored may become contaminated with bacteria and cause this problem.

It is extremely important to keep hands, bottles and all utensils disinfected when feeding newborns. After mixing the kitten milk formula, it will have to be discarded after 2 hours (if kept refrigerated) before contamination will set in. Toxic milk syndrome usually affects kittens 1 – 2 weeks of age. The kittens appear distressed and cry non stop. Signs of diarrhoea and bloating are common. The anus is red and swollen from the diarrhoea and kitten septicaemia can set in.


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