Baby Molly trying out her new teeth on Ziggi.  Molly had such a bad eye infection as a baby that we were sure that she would loose her sight.  Luckily, she recovered well.

Rachel stimulating baby Yoda.  Yoda was close to death when he was rescued.  Rachel - our resident "cat" mommy helped with nursing him back to health. 

Skye was stuffed into a shoe box by the person who did not want him anymore, he was just too big for the tiny shoe box, When handed to us we did not really know how to react when we saw the fur popping out the sides of his box.

The Games Room .

Destiny and Koki a few weeks before they both sadly passed away. See In Loving Memory

Cassie and Sam have a strong brother - sister bond.

Molly and Raine at the water dome.

Wet food time can be a bit chaotic at Second Chance. Second Chance has 8 dry food feeding stations and the cats also get two wet meals per day.

The cats found the catnip stash - we were outnumbered so it was impossible to get it away from them.

Gertie (far right) - on high alert should the dogs need any assistance. 

Alaskan, Raine and Reya.

Playtime in the garden.

Willard checks the strings of the hammock for any signs of fraying. 

Oliver and Gertie competing for the championship wrestling title - Gerty won!

Ginger Club - Yuki, Willard and Ned.

Lexi and Yoko in the garden.

Domino and Nitro taking a much needed cat nap.

Picasso, Lilly and Yoda in the games room.

Yoda having a species crisis - we are happy to report that he finally realised that he was a feline and not a rodent.

Catching a breeze on the little veranda (not in a cage).

"S'cuse me? What did you say?" - Rachel and little Molly

"Where is mah food?" - Roger

Playing with a play circuit in the games room.

Yoda and Yoko .

Mali - After a long day.

Picasso and Yoda having a "moment".

Yoda and Rachel taking a nap.

"I'm still sexy, even with three legs" - Troyepod.

Layla decided that the dogs are more comfy than any other bed.

All sisters have their disagreements  - Amber and Lexi.

Two volunteers from Durban Girls High.

Keeping each other warm - Claud, Brock and Brody.

Nap Time on the pet heating pads in the games room.

Roger with his beloved "sucking blanket".

Skye - high on life (and catnip).

Unfortunately the catnip stash is NEVER safe.

Troye and Griffin show their Smack down moves.

At Second Chance we encourage the cats to assist with some housework and chores - here Ricardo is washing the dishes.

"Any more dishes?"

Brody teaching little Noelle the art of climbing.

Neho and Rachel having an intimate dog/cat moment.

Neho using Ziggie's tail as a teething stick.

Rory and Oliver. Not related at all.

Penny and Rachel.

Vegging in front of the tellie is one of the Second Chance cats most favourite pass times.

 Maris Stella Grade 6 T Visits to Second Chance Sanctuary:




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