The most important thing to remember when you have found a new born or tiny kitten is warmth.  If there is no heating equipment such as hot water bottles available Keep the kitten next to your body so that your body slowly heats the chilled kitten.

Never feed a chilled kitten. Chilled Kittens must be re-hydrated (see dehydration) by feeding a warmed glucose and water solution (5 percent water to 10 percent glucose.) Four cc (ml) every one to two hours until they are warm and well hydrated. When fed adequately, a kitten’s abdomen will feel full, but not tense or distended. Avoid overfeeding because this produces diarrhoea or vomiting.

NEVER feed cows milk to a kitten - this can cause colic and even death, use the following emergency formula:

237 ml evaporated of homogenized milk

2 eggs yolks

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

Shake well and feed at body temperature - never give the kitten cold milk as this can cause gastro-intestinal upsets.

Kitten formula and feeding bottles can be obtained at your nearest vet or veterinary store.

See Hand-rearing for more information


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