"Within the heart of every animal lies the desire to be loved."

- Unknown

In 2008, after a 5 week old rescue kitten died from a dreaded disease, we found our lives taking a whole new direction and a passion was birthed, a passion we have never dreamed of. We wanted to honour the memory of little Kito and make a difference and live out our purpose.

Second Chance Sanctuary is a non-profit, pro-life organisation based on the Bluff in Durban. We currently home, nurture and care for 49 resident cats that have been rescued from severe abuse, abandonment, trauma, neglect and other horrific acts inflicted by humans. Many of these cats are special need cases, have physical defects and are terminally ill.

We totally rely on donations and our virtual adoption program to keep the sanctuary running. Due to the extreme situations these cats came from they need constant specialised treatment, veterinary care and high quality food to keep their weak immune systems going. The sanctuary also relies on volunteers for their work in fostering homeless animals until they can be adopted into their forever homes.

All our residents are sterilised, inoculated, treated monthly for fleas and ticks and regularly wormed. The cats don’t live in cages and have free access wherever they want as long as they stay in the perimeter of the sanctuary. To keep them confined we installed a cat proof fencing as well as a low voltage electric fence to prevent the cats from roaming or running away.

Second Chance Sanctuary was founded in loving memory of little Kito


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